Main Elevator Consulting, Inc.

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Elevator Maintenance:

The service department of Main Elevator Consulting, Inc. can provide you with highly competitive rates for a full service preventive maintenance for your elevator.  Whether you have passenger hydraulic, traction, or freight elevators, Main Elevator Consulting, Inc. can provide you with a program that is tailored to your needs.


Main Elevator Consulting, Inc. specializes in the installation of passenger hydraulic, traction, and freight elevators

From jobs with detailed specifications, to the most basic ADA compliant elevators, Main Elevator Consulting, Inc. has a solution for all your elevator needs.

Our elevators are custom manufactured for each job, allowing us to provide the exact design, details, and finishes that you require for your elevator project.

We work closely with builders and contractors to ensure quality workmanship and attention to detail. Our extensive experience and creativity have led to industry recognition, awards, and most importantly, very satisfied clients.


Main Elevator Consulting, Inc. has trained Elevator Technicians to handle any type of repair.  We understand that time is of the essence when your elevator is in need of repair.  It is our goal to expedite the process and make sure your elevator is running properly.